Where can I buy White Rain products?

Please visit our Where to Buy page  located here to see which major retailers carry White Rain® products.

What can I do if I am unsatisfied with my purchase?

For easy refunds and replacements, return the product to the point of purchase with your original register receipt.

Do you test on animals?

Our finished product is not tested on animals.    

Do this contain any animal derived ingredients or alcohol?

There are no animal derived ingredients or alcohol in this product.

Do any of your products contain added wheat and/or spelt, oats, rye or barley?


What is the PH level of your Shampoo?

All White Rain Shampoo's have a pH range of 5.2-6.0

Is the pump nozzle part recyclable? If so, what is the recycling number?

Yes, it is recyclable as a #7.

Are the fragrances phthalate free?


What products are best for my hair type?

The majority of White Rain shampoos and conditioners are made for all hair types. Our volumizing shampoo and conditioner is especially good for fine hair.

Are your shampoos and conditioners safe for color-treated hair?

All White Rain Shampoo and conditioners are safe for color-treated hair.